Buy Containers

We stock a selection of used containers available now for purchase, if your looking to buy containers please use our contact form or call us for a quote

Container Range

We can supply a full range of containers, including:

  • 10ft (3m)
  • 20ft (6m)
  • 40ft (12m)
  • Refrigerated
  • Certified for International Shipping
  • Custom Modifications

Looking to buy containers?

Our customers buy containers for many different uses such as:

  • home furniture storage
  • car storage
  • boat storage
  • garden shed
  • site office
  • tool shed with shelving
  • relocating storage
  • cool store
  • refrigerated shipping
  • freight shipping
  • over-seas shipping
  • hazardous goods storage

And much more……….

buy containers

Looking to buy containers? here is an example of a new 20ft shipping container

Container Delivery

Containers for rent can usually be arranged for delivery within 24 hours. However products that require modifications & accessories will require more time. Product availability & modification timelines can be discussed prior to placing your order.

There are several issues that will need consideration before your container for rent is delivered.

Direction of the Container Doors

You will need to advise which direction the container should be loaded onto the truck. This will affect the direction that the container or portable buildings will face once unloaded from the truck.

Surface of the Site

In order to ensure the correct operation of your container or portable building (including the efficient opening & closing of doors), it is best to ensure that your container sits on a level surface. The containers are often best kept by being placed on sleepers or concrete pads.

Safety is the Number One Priority

To ensure a safe & efficient delivery, it is important to advise us of any obstructions that may impede the process including overhead wires & overhanging branches.

Shipping Containers available to Northern NSW and Southern QLD.